Jimmy Doyle is an actor and writer living in Los Angeles. While perhaps best known as the loveable dad or costumed character in numerous TV commercials, he is also an accomplished essayist and spoken word performer. Originally from the South Side of Chicago, Jimmy is an alumnus of The Second City. He began his successful solo performance career nearly two decades ago as a Chicago Reader Critic’s Choice, and his most recent one-man show, “Must Be Nice,” was workshopped at the Comedy Central Stage in Los Angeles and headlined the 15th Annual Fillet of Solo Festival in Chicago. He’s written for two of TV’s great one-named divas, Roseanne and Jackée. Jimmy is a regular performer with Sit n Spin at the Comedy Central Stage and has been published in various venues, including Newsweek, Salon, Fresh Yarn and the Journal of Need and Want. He also works as an addictions counselor. But what makes him the proudest of all is his EU passport, which he holds as a dual Irish-American citizen.